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Superfeet have 4 different styles which are great for casual shoes. Superfeet BLUE, ORANGE, BERRY and CARBON

Which Superfeet will work best in my casual shoes?

Superfeet Blue, Orange, Berry or Carbon but how do you choose which?

You keep reading…..

We did an office poll for the Best Superfeet For Casual Shoes and 4 styles dominated.

But why 4 styles? Why not 1? The absolute best of all the Superfeet styles?

Well….. not all casual footwear is the same for various reasons although they do have some things in common. They are often very flat with little support, they can vary from tightish to loosish [not a real word according to spellcheck but we disagree!] and …we wear casual shoes a lot…. even to work.

So here is some Superfeet Science for your casual shoes.

To get the very best Superfeet fit you need to do math… what?!?! Well not really but there are 3 things you need to consider (carefully) and it looks like an equation but it’s easy to do.

Your Feet + Your Shoes* + Your Activity = The right Superfeet for you.

(*or boots if boots are your thing… we love boots too, some of our best friends are boots).

Loafers, Ballet Flats, Sneakers, Brogues, Alpargatas, Bucks, High cut sneakers, Oxfords, Monk Straps, Derbys, Chukkas, D.M.s, Slipons, Docksides, Jellys…. Pardon me while I bang my head on my laptop… is this a list of footwear or a drinks menu from one of those confusing new bars in the city?

It does show you though that there are many many many different types of casual shoes.

So here we go…. In no particular order…. (That’s a lie we listed in order of the colours in the image)

Superfeet Blue – Perfect for casual shoes, boots and sneakers with a bit of room that don’t sit low around the heel and ankle – great support, extra comfort!

Superfeet Orange and Berry – we are putting these together because the benefits are the same for both styles, the difference being that Berry are women’s specific (meaning narrower across the heel and a slightly shorter arch length) – Great for roomy casual shoes, boots and sneakers with the addition of high-density foam under the balls of the feet for extra cushioning.

Superfeet Carbon – the go too for tight fitting, lowcut casual shoes. Carbon are super thin and hardly take up any room so you get support and natural alignment of your feet without your heels being pushed up and out of your footwear as you walk. Oh Yes!

If your shoes or boots are really tight fitting …… Superfeet Easyfit ¾ insoles might be the answer but we kept them for another post!

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