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Trim to Fit

All full length Superfeet are trim to fit.  This means you can make them just right for you, which will feel amazing but before you start cutting we want to share what wisdom and experience has taught us:

Use the existing insole, or your feet, as a template. Place the insole, or your feet, on your Superfeet Insoles, trace around them with a marker and get snipping 😁 (yes we did think of the game twister, yes you can ask a friend or loved one to do the tracing, yes you can sit down if it helps – just make sure your knees are at right angles to your feet if you do).

Pro tip: Start OUTSIDE the line you traced, trim a little, put them in your footwear, check the fit and repeat, little by little, until they are perfect.
You can always trim more off…. but you can’t stick bits back on.

(you really can’t, we’ve tried, it ends in tears and a need to go out and get more packing tape, glue, bluetack, staples and …. Superfeet)

Happy Trimming!

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