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Trailblazer & Run Comfort

We all know what it feels like to have jarring sensations coming up from your feet all the way to your jaw and, quite frankly, it is at best annoying and at worst painful and exhausting.

The clever people at Superfeet came up with a delightfully simple solution that works beautifully and involves you doing …… absolutely nothing.

Superfeet Trailblazer and Superfeet RUN have a nifty little ‘H.I.T.’ (HEEL IMPACT TECHNOLOGY) POD
that disperses impact for tough ascents and descents. The H.I.T. pod sits under the calcaneus bone (scientific word for the biggest bone in your foot) which is in your heel. The health professionals will tell you that for runners ‘the actual shock of heel contact creates an impact of up to three times body weight.’  Dispersing that impact away can only improve performance, endurance and comfort.

No pain, no gain? We call bulldust on that quote! H.I.T. pods mean that you can gain a lot without it having to be painful. Unless you like pain, in which case, do not, under any circumstances, use these insoles.

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