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Superfeet make Easyfit 3/4 insoles designed for high heels 2.5cm and higher

Superfeet for High Heels… Yes Indeed!

High heels are something most of us have a love hate relationship with.

We love them, they hate us and cause us pain and suffering.

We break up for a while….. but then we go back … it will be different this time…

they will have moulded to our feet, my memory is exaggerating the pain,

we are great together, just look at us!

9:05am …. I hate you high heels, why do you do this to me? Will anyone notice

If I sprint to the break room in bare feet? [Yes, people will notice…definitely]

Now we are doing some feet/high heel counselling here because

we want you to be happy together … forever.

Introducing Superfeet Easyfit 3/4 insoles for High Heels, the missing link in your feet/high heel relationship.

Superfeet Easyfit ¾ women’s insoles for high heels (2.5cm heel and higher)

leave room for your feet but still offer great support under the arch.

The heal cup helps maintain a more natural foot position so all your natural cushioning

and shock absorption [think fat pads under your heels and balls of your feet,

joints and ligaments sitting in a more natural position and not over stretching]

do their job and keep you more comfortable in these types of shoes and boots than you ever thought possible.

This is why we say ‘experience life changing comfort with Superfeet’.

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