EASYFIT Men’s 3/4

EASYFIT Men’s 3/4

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With more than 45 years of experience and orthotic innovations, Superfeet® EASYFIT Men’s 3⁄4 insoles give you the bio-mechanical support your feet can depend on.

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Superfeet EASYFIT Men’s 3⁄4 are high-performance insoles that are ready to go to work. With a plush microsuede top, high-density foam layer, and bio-mechanically supportive shape, the EASYFIT is one of Superfeet’s most comfortable insoles for tighter-fitting business, dress, and casual shoes. EASYFIT Men’s 3⁄4 can help you avoid heel pain and tired, sore feet, so you can work without distraction.


EASYFIT’s bio-mechanically supportive shape helps redistribute your weight and balance your foot inside tighter-fitting business, dress, and casual footwear, so you can avoid sore feet. Whether you’re at work or off the clock, you can be comfortable with EASYFIT. No trimming required.


HEEL CUP: The structured heel cup helps stabilise and support the foot and positions the heel to naturally absorb impact.

BIO-MECHANICAL SHAPE: Can help maintain proper support and naturally absorb impact, so your feet can feel more comfortable through the workday.

MICROSUEDE TOP: Plush microsuede top sheet helps reduce friction and improves a shoe’s fit.

STABILISER CAP: The base of the insole that supports the rearfoot and provides structure to the foam layer.

SLIP RESISTANT RIDGES: Designed to anchor the insole and help the EASYFIT stay in place.

ORGANIC, ODOUR-CONTROL COATING: All natural coating that eliminates odour-causing bacteria.

Superfeet EASYFIT Men’s 3⁄4 insoles are vegan and free of latex, nickel sulphate, formaldehyde and preservatives.

Great For:

Casual, designer or dress footwear, even ones with non-removable factory insoles.

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