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Memory Foam

Memories, Light the corners of my mind, Misty watercolour memories…. Oops, caught us singing *blushing* but who doesn’t want to sing when their feet don’t hurt? Memory foam is a saviour for anyone on their feet a lot, especially on hard surfaces. Health care workers, factory workers, office workers, hospitality workers, construction workers you get the picture. Superfeet Copper have memory foam and memory foam is not only cushioning but it moulds to your feet and that means they become a prefect fit for you. Just like in Cinderella, they will fit you, and no one else, perfectly.  That can, in turn, prevent blisters and hot spots and, lets face it, make your day better. Like all Superfeet, they will keep doing this for a year, or 800 kilometres, whichever comes first and you won’t have to complain about tired sore feet anymore – but people may complain about all your singing … just saying.

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