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Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre eh? Let us tell you it doesn’t just look all kinds of mission impossible cool, because well, we couldn’t think of too many scenarios where you can casually whip your insoles out of your footwear to show them off . Notice we said ‘too many’ all of us in here have no qualms about pulling our shoes off to show someone the how awesome Superfeet are, but we digress…. Carbon Fibre, Superfeet Carbon are made with carbon fibre and this high tech material means that they are made super thin but are super strong and durable which means that you can have support and comfort in tighter fitting footwear which is genius and, in our humble opinion, just as clever and much more beneficial to your daily life than being able to back flip and somersault through laser beams.  Are you humming the theme song? You are aren’t you 😁

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