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Who doesn’t like anatomy? We certainly do and can tell you that the correct alignment of your feet can positively affect your entire body. We hear you say ….really?
Yes really.

If your back gets sore, or your knees, or your hips, think about your feet.
If your feet are not aligned well, the result can be pain and/or discomfort in joints further up your body. In other words, your feet can put your whole skeleton out of whack.

Think of your feet like the foundation of a building, if they aren’t sitting well there is going to be all sorts of trouble buy the time you get to the penthouse right?

The foot bones ARE connected to the neck bones, hip bones, back bones… not literally but you get what we are saying 🙂 Superfeet insoles help keep your feet in a natural, neutral position, which helps all the joints all the way up to the top!

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